UAL Diploma in Games Development

Location: Northbrook Collegebanner.png

Date: September 2016 – June 2017

Diploma: UAL Level 3 Diploma in Games Development


The New Earth Conflict

An 8-week college project focused around finally making a space RTS. I have tried many times to create a playable space RTS game, but never tackled the gameplay.

Crypt Crawl

The Crypt Crawl project was created in 7 weeks in Unity 3D. It features a lot of pixel art graphics created in Substance Designer and complex and efficient tile generation.

Grid Based World

For my first project at Northbrook college, I decided to explore Node Based Editors in order to create a procedurally generated and seamlessly blended grid based terrain.

New Age Space Shooter

Early in Northbrook college, the rest of the class started their first programming project, a remake of the classic “Space Shooter”. I decided to take what I already know about Unity and take it to the next level.