The New Earth Conflict

An 8-week college project focused around finally making a space RTS. I have tried many times to create a playable space RTS game, but never tackled the gameplay.

Now is my chance to change that.


Space UI and UX - The design of the UI in The New Earth Conflict was that it should remain intrusive and clean from the gameplay.
Unity Planet Rendering - For the project The New Earth Conflict, I tasked myself with creating a main menu which had a fully PBR planet earth. I was on a budget and time restrictions, so I didn’t want to use GLSL, and I wanted all of the work to be original.
3DS Max Star Destroyer - After redoing my spaceship model over and over again - I wanted to challenge myself to one final swing at the task. Here are the fruits of my labour. This project opened my eyes to the modifier stacks power - and I hope I can teach anyone else who want's to learn 3DS Max what I learnt too.


In Game


Main Menu



Planet Earth Presentation 1



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